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Rapper BIGRyAT Showcases Success From The USA To Austrailia

Check out my interview on

“The journey is what makes a person successful. It is what you have done, and how you did what you needed to do, that brings a person to be successful…” 
- BR

RudeBoy Magazine/ Electric-Eclectic BIGRyAT

Rude Boy Magazine. August 20, 2014 

" BIGRyAT, was an original Krump King discovered on YouTube by T-Pain, and went on to dance back up/hype-man for T-Pain, electrifying audiences for over 4 years. He taught Chris Brown a few moves, as well as some other memorable dance moves. BIGRyAT has performed with Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, P.Diddy, Chris Brown, Ludacris, and many more. BIG RyAT appeared in T Pain’s music videos “Can’t Believe It” and “Chopped & Skrewed,” and he also performed with T Pain and Ludacris on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He even sizzled in Ne-Yo’s “A Milli Remix” music video. He appeared in the Sophia Fresh “This Instant” music video, part of Step Up3 the movie...."

T-Pain at the Observatory with BIGRyAT opening.

Check out the article that talks about BIGRyAT opening for T-Pain, and coming out to do some catchy dance routines.


February , March , April 2014 ---NuRadio ---Hello Kitty in rotation and Radio Interviews with BIGRyAT

Grind or Die TV

March 21, 2014 -- Grind or Die TV  -- check out bio and video

Un AOD toujours aussi surprenant   Please check out the blog relating to the AOD event in Paris in October 2013. I krumped, guest judged, and held a widely attended workshop.


Snoop Show Snapshots

June 1, 2013 - Check me out in the OC Weekly's Snap Shots for the Snoop Show at Heat Ultra Lounge

A few pics of me enjoying my time at the Snoop Show in Anaheim, Ca. at the Heat Ultra Lounge. See if you can find me.


BIGRyAT with Wright Records

June 1, 2013   Check me out my new releases...Word Play in this Wright Records Digital Newsletter

  WORD PLAY is available on iTunes.  Download, rate, comment. Keep it positive.

FKN Exclusive – BIGRyAT » Fkn' Famous

FKN Exclusive – BIGRyAT » Fkn' Famous In its January 7, 2012 Bigryatdabeatripper was featured...

As always we love bringing you new talent from all over the world. We’ve got a very talented Rapper/Krump Dancer from Southern California by the name of “BIGRyATdaBeatRipper”. BIGRyATdaBeatRipper also happens to dance on stage with the world famous T-Pain. Relax as we get to know BIGRyATdaBeatRipper...(follow the link to read more)

T-Pain concert - RyAT Review

The in its March 17, 2009 review of a T Pain concert refers to RyAT’s mime, “The rapper turned singer….burst on the stage with a blast of circus-themed music, accompanied by clowning dancers and a miming sidekick.  This tribute to Marcel Marceau was the most curious aspect of the show, the mime’s unlikely combination of dreadlocks and white pancake lending a surreal air to the evening as he mirrored the main man’s every move, including some tricky dance steps.”