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Published: Friday, 01 July 2016

Nathaniel "Profa C" Yearwood is a 24 year old dancer, singer, music producer and brand new father to his son, Jean-Claude La'Ron Yearwood. He has been dancing for 10 years and can always be seen at Sacramento's dance events battling others. He has taught pieces for different dance studios and high schools, more recently Monterey Trail High school. He's auditioned for America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. He also just finished doing a project with the Jabbawockeez entitled "Jabbawockeez: The Movement" , a web series which is due to air May 2016. His current dance styles are Krump and Animation. Other talents include music production, singing, playing drums, and acting.

As a dancer RyAT has always been a favorite while still learning how to Krump. His scream moves and shirt moves really set him apart and he has always thought he was dope. Musically Nathaniel looks up to RyAT because he has only been able to dream of my music being appreciated by top artist but RyAT has lived it. Most notably with T-Pain.
To me, Eliminate All Targets means that anyone who is not with you stands against you on a silver platter and it's time to eat.
twitter and instagram: @IamProfaC
youtube: ProfaC2010

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