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Blog - Welcome to R-Block

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

December 4, 2010 - Welcome to R-Block.  A few years ago I had a thought about krumping fams and crews.  A lot of my little homies belonged to different crews, but still represented the message of  dance, music, beats, love, and unity.  I decided to create a crew called R-Block. It is a play on words; OUR BLOCK, and RYAT’s BLOCK.  Every member of R-Block is unique and talented.  They can rep their own crew, yet be a part of R-Block, and rep the unity of music. They can dance, rap, make beats, or krump.  A lot of us don’t just krump, but we do other creative things related to music.  As of this date, I have about a dozen plus R-Block members who rep R-BLOCK.  The message is simple.  We don’t hate; we represent a movement of krumpers who spread our passion for krump.  If you want to rep your squad, and  be a part of R-BLOCK, send me a message.   One world, one love, one krump.