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Dance lessons 24/7 from Yours truly any place in the world

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

June 10, 2012-  Hey y'all.  Connected with International Academy of Arts, and am now part of their team. A small group of International artists are on this team. You can sign up to have dance/krump/hip hop/ or top dance steps taught to you by yours truly. Check out the site, and sign up. You can go to their Facebook page and LIKE them, and check out what they do there as well. I am the one who would be teaching the class to you no matter where you are in the world. Now it is possible for you to connect with me, and you can learn the basics or improve your skills. I would really love to have you on board, and be able to teach you.  Recently, I have been to France and Australia, and I have spoken to people all over the States as well as All over the World who want to continue to learn Krump. This is the time to get on with me, MR.BR, BIG RyAT, and in the privacy of your home, or room, we can hook it up.  Whatcha think?  Go to their site, and sign up. If you have any questions about the program with me, BIG RyAT, call them @ 949 -285-4745. LET'S E.A.T