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On the F.A.M.E. TOUR with T-Pain

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

September 17, 2011 - What's up?  So, I left home after Labor Day for this amazing F.A.M.E. Tour with T-Pain, and I won't be home until Halloween. My bro bro Chris Brown is headlining the tour.  I am on the tour bus with T - Pain and my Nappy Boy Fam. We started with rehearsals in Atlanta, and then hopped on this tour bus headed for Toronto.  Once we got in Toronto, we hung out, shopped for clothes, hooped it up, watched movies, and connected on FB and Skype.  The first night's show was great!  We killed it.  Shout outs to the Nappy Boy Dancers and DJLil Boy for having such a great show. Of course, T-Pain did his thing.  Chris Brown is killing it, man.  Today, I am in Washington, D.C.  I have a bit of a cold, but feeling better.  Can't let a little cold get me down. Show time is tonight.  My sis, Jaleesa, hooked my up with some dope braids.  I got myself a skateboard. It reminds me of when I was in high school, and the shop down the street sponsored me.  Just letting you all know, I appreciate the fan support. I know we have have orders for E.A.T. Movement gear all over the world. We have shipped to France, Australia, N.Y., and all over the United States. Thanks for the support.  We are killing it out here. I will post some show videos for y'all.  In the meantime, don't forget to post on the forum.  Send information for ordering the gear to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Check out the show section, and see if I will be coming to a city near you.  Don't forget to check out my music. You can find it on this site in my music section.  Take care, and thanks for everything you do to support yours truly. MR. BR - BigRyAT da Beat Ripper