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Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

August 28, 2011 -  Back home and so happy to be working on my own music. Keep checking my FB account, as well as my music on here. I am amped to be able to be back in the studio. I missed it like crazy.  I have dreams and hopes of being on stage rocking the crowd to BIG RYAT da BEAT RIPPER.  One day that will happen. I promise. It is all about timing. I thought it was going to be this weekend, and hopefully it is going to happen. The Playground Festival Labor Day Weekend! 2 Day Event! Is taking place at Hidden Valley (The Verizon Amphitheater).  My hope is I can swing that performance,and meet up with T-Pain and get on that tour with him right after the show.  Let's make it work! Hang with ya boy. I am not going anywhere. I am true to my fans, and appreciate all the support I have all over the world. I am looking to set up concerts and workshops all over the world. Send me information if you have some ideas.  Check my tour schedule here,and let's do it.  Much love.