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What do I do when I am at home?

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

June 25, 2011- Some folks ask, "Hey, RyAT, what do you do when you are home?"  Man, first of all I thank God I live in a wonderful home in a wonderful country. Visiting places like Africa, India, and cities around the world, I have seen such poverty.  I am in the process of building this little in home studio. I make beats, rap, and put my all into my music.  It is my love. I have said that many times, but for real; music is my love.  I read the forum...ahhhh.. you guys are lagging..LOL.. Then I update the BigRyAT RBlock Facebook page.  I check the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mail for orders for the E.A.T. Movement clothing line. Man, thanks for the support. We are selling out of the beanies, and the hoodies.  I have to keep calling THE DEPUTY for more orders to fill, and he is cranking out the clothing as soon as we order it. A big thanks for French RyAT for selling the beanies, hoodies, and T-shirts. I update the BigRyAT RBlock website almost every day. I add shows, update pics, videos, and the blogs.  What else do I do? I take care of my dog, Ruuse. I play with him, and make sure he is happy.  I get myself ready for events, and I keep planning my next move. In between, I try to sleep and E.A.T. LOL  Thanks for all the support. Much love.