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Update from India

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

June 17, 2011-What up?  I am going in on this music. My first mixtape is out now. It is called Welcome 2 "R"-Block. Cop that at--- I am putting out the next R-Block mix tape.  Of course, the title is WE EAT. Look for that soon.  Keep your eyes out for Tiny RyAT AKA T Dash. His mix tape is coming out, too. It is called Block-Ops! As soon as I get home, I am going hard on this music. My little home studio will be on point.  More music to come. Of course, you can always look at the music section of this site, or go to my YOUTUBE account--BIGRyATdaBeatRipper You can find my music there. Enjoy it.  We have been selling out the E.A.T. Movement clothing line like crazy.  Spreading the line in India.  Just shipped to France and Australia, as well as New York, and Boston.  I have been thinking of enhancing the line by adding PJs. What do you think?  E.A.T. Movement PJs!  I think that will be sweet.  Killing the shows here in Greece, and India.  Loving my Nappy Boy Family, missing my RyAT Family, the R-Block Family, and my Fam Fam...and of course my dog, Ruuse.  See you soon. I am back on June 21st.  I will be with T-Pain at Powerhouse 106 at the Anaheim Honda Center. Love performing locally.  Come check me out.  Say something on the forum.  I will check back, and answer any questions, and respond to your comments. Love you all, and miss you. I appreciate all the love. We are all going to WIN.  Peace.