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May Thoughts

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

May 4, 2011- Getting ready to give y'all my updates. Hear goes...I have been working on my music.  It is what drives me, and keeps me focused. It is my true love.  I have songs posted here on the VIDEO section. Check them out, please. I'd appreciate it if you gave me some feedback. You can join the forum, and give me some comments.  I am shipping out some gear to New Zealand. Man, that is so cool. Loving that. Thanks for the support. I'm getting ready to join up with the Nappy Boy Family, and do some concerts in Rhode Island, Florida, California, and Vegas. Check out UPCOMING SHOWS for more information.  I love all the support.  Shout out to my dogg...THE DEPUTY.  Thanks for the gear. Man, it is tight. I am amped about all the E.A.T. Movement clothing. Thanks for going the extra mile on the hats. Next time y'all hear from me, I will be checking in from the road. POST SOME COMMENTS ON THE FORUM...HAHAHA