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Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

April 10, 2011- Hello from Down Under---Man, I am getting much love in Australia.  I am officially going to call this my second home. I have been getting it in with folks here. Supafest has been live.  We are killing the shows.  I promised you a forum, and it is up and running.  I haven't had time to make it all blinged out, but you can go there and post your thoughts. Please register, and post a comment.  Remember, it is all positive. No haters. Nothing is going to go on there that is negative. I LOVE KRUMP. Let's spread KRUMP, the E.A.T. Movement, R-Block, and the RyAT name. It is all about dance. Check my show listings to see where I'll be in Australia for the last part of Supafest.  Just having fun, and putting in time with my music.  Humbled by all the love and support.  Thanks a million.  This pic is of some future RyATz from Australia showing their love, and repping the movement.  LOL