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Forum, Clothing Line, and Music Coming Soon

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

March 27, 2011--Trying to get the forum up while in Canada is proving a bit difficult, but not impossible.  Eager to get the E.A.T. Movement merchandise ready and available to everyone who has expressed interest in that.  I am also going to put some music up for purchase.  Give me some time, and I promise it will be here soon.  Please send me ideas for the forum, and if you would really purchase some E.A.T. Movement gear.  I am having a great time doing me.  I am focused and ready for the take over.  Nobody can stop me now!  Big RyAT is here to stay.  Love ya all.  Miss you, and I will be back soon.  Thanks for your continued support.  Click on the contact link on this website to get in contact with me.