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Oh, Canada!

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

March 19, 2011-  Hello everyone from Canada. I am on the tour bus again, and loving the ride. I am performing with the great one, T Pain.  We have done two shows in two cities already.  Now, just nine more to go!  Canadian people are friendly, fun, outgoing, and welcoming. They really know how to get their party on.  It is a blast performing for the crowds.  They all say "AYE" at the end of everything. I guess it is their, "ya dig?".  It is cool though, and I dig it.  Missing home, my homies, my fam, and my dog.  My mom is working to get the clothing available, and we have some great merchandise coming out very soon. The forum will be up within the month. We are working to get that situated.  If you have topic ideas send them to me at the contact email located on this site. I am setting up workshops around the world. Get at me at the contact email on this website. Oh, Canada, I love you!  Thanks for being my home away from home these few weeks.  I leave you with this quote, "I am a dancer. I make no apologies for that.  My body is my instrument. I live to dance, and dance to live. I am an athlete of God."  Love you all. Miss you, but I will be home soon.  Big RyAT.