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I Appreciate All of You Who Make BigRyAT Successful

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

March 12, 2011- I have been in a reflective mood lately.  I guess when I see what is going on in our world, it makes me appreciate where I am in my life. I makes me appreciate who I have as a support team allowing me to be BigRyAT. So, today, I am going to give shout outs.  Of course, I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Today is a blessing. Thank you for giving me the gift to embrace another day.  I thank my mom who has been there through the rough times, the hard times, the growing up times, and the good times.  My mom is what is called a "single mother".  I don't really vibe with that label because my mom is MAMA.  She is one heck of a woman. I can go to her for anything. She listens, gives advice, and has my back. Oh, yeah, we disagree; still she knows me the best of all of my friends and family.  My sister, K.T...girl you are one amazing woman. You inspire me. When we hang out, I know we are going to have a blast. Thanks for being my best friend and my sister. My RBlock and guys humble me and help me improve who I am as a person, a dancer, and as a mentor. To Dr. e.. President of Dude, you have my back, and you rock.  To T Pain: I feel so blessed to have been with you for almost three years.  I vibe off your energy and creativity. You are a beast.  To Rob:  Thanks for the direction and management in the Krump world as crazy as that is.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I thank my agent, Aris Golemi, President of When the "business" side of dance gets tricky, he has the wisdom and integrity to get the job done. Aris, I don't thank you enough for having my back. I have the best agent on the planet. Dancing is my life. It is what I do. It is who I am. It defines my being, and thrives in my soul.  If the people I have listed above were not a part of my life, I would not be as successful doing what I love to do.  I saved the best for last...MY FANS. You all make what I do fun and exciting. Performing in front of a crowd is an amazing feeling. It is an amazing rush to dance for y'all. I can not express to you just how fabulous it is to do that. I love hyping the crowd.  I love y'all.  Thank you is really not enough.  I pray that you stay in my life, and that we continue this journey and live the dream I have for my life.  I pray that I grow as a person, and as an artist.   I almost forgot one more thank you I need to make. dog. I love you, RUUSE.  You are the best. I can always count on you to be by my side.  You are such a cool dog. My mom always told me, "Dream it and you will be it!" Watch out world, because I have just begun this journey. God Bless all of you. Please opt in on this website. Continue to stop in and check things out. I update daily.