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How Did I Hook Up With T Pain?

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

January 9, 2011- A lot of folks ask me how I hooked up with T Pain. It is a crazy story; but a true one.  I had been krumping for a few years, and had a bunch of YouTube videos uploaded.  One day, out of the blue, I got a call. The caller said she was a representative with T Pain.  I was like, oh yeah, sure. She said that T Pain was interested in having me join his crew, and tour.  She asked if I was interested. Of course, I was interested, but still somewhat doubtful this was all true. She said she would give me a call in about a half an hour. Well, in about an hour or so,  I got a call from the same area code, but a different number. The same woman said she had T Pain on the phone.  Really?  I was in shock, especially when his voice came on and he greeted me and asked to meet me. ME? He wanted to know if I had any plans for the next few days. Really?  I knew at any minute Ashton Kutcher would pop out from some place and tell me I was being punk'd.  Anyway, I was invited to go to Miami and meet T Pain. He said he liked my style, and might want to use me on a tour as a dancer and hype man.  Of course, I jumped all over that.  He flew me down to Miami, and we hung out for a little bit. We connected on many levels. Before I knew it, I was up in Buffalo on stage with T Pain before thousands of people. Right then and there I knew this is where I want to be; on stage performing before huge crowds.  Soon, I was doing concerts around the world, and on a tour bus going to places all over the United States. I was doing videos, award shows, and after parties.  I did television shows, club concerts, college concerts, and huge venues.  It was surreal, and so much fun.  I am living my dream.  Of course, I have learned a lot during my travels. I have met a lot of people, performed with major music industry people, and hung out with some heavy hitters. I am always humbled by my fans who keep me strong.  My fans are so important to me, and keep my going.  I have the best agent representing me.  I am with Aris is an amazing agent who really understands the plight of a dancer. He is more than an agent; he is a mentor and friend.  I am still here, going strong, and reinventing myself each and every day.  Stay tuned for more from BigRyAT. Don't forget to text BigRyAT to 90210 to get my updates and concert days.  Workshops are coming soon. Send requests for workshops and bookings via my contact page. Remember BigRyAT loves you. I always stay true to who I am, and that is BigRyAT, the dancer, the performer, the creative force that keeps me going.  One love, one dance, one KRUMP.