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Thank You!

Published: Sunday, 10 March 2013

January 3, 2011- Sometimes showing appreciation is as simple as saying, "thank you".  Sometimes, it is more than that.  Sometimes, like now, it is hard to say just how appreciative I am about the people who are supporting my dream of performing.  First, thanks to my mama for helping me with the little things that turn into the BIG things. She has connected me with some amazing people.  One such person, Christian of , who created and designed my website.  I am super hyped. My sister, my hero, K.T. (T.K.), thank you. You are one heck of a woman, and I am proud of you. My dad, thank you. All my lil homies, thank you.  For real.  It means a lot that my friends and family continue to support my dream.  Thanks to my fans for supporting me.  I am humbled by the love and the support.  With that said, THANKS.  I love you all.  I really do.